Sprouts and Fire

So here’s a newish poem. I’m still gonna post some already finished stuff for the next couple weeks because I’m tired. I’ll try to keep up my one new piece a week thing more into spring. This one came from a writing prompt as so much of my stuff has lately. It started as something I didn’t really like and turned into one of my new favourites. Hope you enjoy:)

Sprouts and Fire

Windswept thoughts
Whipping through valleys
Overlooking spring bloomed ideas
Washed clean with mountain water

Breaking down old fears
Raking up dead flowers
From past heartaches
And misadventures

Clearing old beds out
To make room for new seeds
That carry prospects
Of happier things

Into cool March mornings
Leading into April rain afternoons
Slowly slipping past May twilights
Into the the warm nights of June

Growth is beginning to sprout feelings
Ready for the last seasons to blend
And bring fruit to bare
But Summer comes with heat

Carrying destruction
Fires spark quickly
Burning Spring’s hard work
Leaving Fall gripping sadness

Black ashes and dried promises
Choking out hope
But Winter’s frost has plans
To lay cool blankets over the burns

And thaw when they’re healed
Dripping away the last of the soot
Leaving new clean beds for seeds
To sprout and grow love again


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