Everything Will Be Ok

This a new poem that came from a writing prompt. The prompt was to use the following structure; imagined future, flash back, present. So I just made up a whole story with a background to the characters and all. This is the result. I hope you all enjoy:)

Everything Will Be Ok

There will be near perfection
I’ve always told myself this
Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING
Will work out for the very best
A perfect house with a white picket fence
In a perfect city, with a perfect husband
And a perfect cat and kids
There will be some rough patches,
Because in life there always is
We’re only human I’ll say
When problems come to call,
But we’ll fix them like everything else
You’ll never be able to tell
That we were ever broken at all
There will be no evidence of…

The bruises he left that stung as I opened my eyes
To dried tears and disdain,
My lack of cognitive thoughts by 4pm everyday
The only cohesive thing in my mind
Was how to make the perfect vodka soda,
Shaken and neat,
Half soda,
Two shots vodka,
One lemon wedge,
Six per day to keep me alive until he came home
Flowers in hand, an apology on the tip of his forked tongue
My heartbeat stopping when his hand would touch my waist
And I would tell myself everything would turn out great…

I shake off the daydreams and nightmares,
As I look down at my notebook and pen
I scribble down just one sentence;
I am ok.


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