Constellations and Meteor Showers

New poem, enjoy!

Constellations and Meteor Showers

I’ve been so stretched out by other people
That I’m a constellation
My points are all visible
You can map them if you want to
But I’m too far away to touch
And so deep in space that I’m burning blue from the cold
The heat and spark that once lit me
Have become memories seemingly from centuries past
My present a collapsed cloud of dust blown up by empty dreams
Compressed until they glow with a splendour they never reached
Loosing inside me tremors that run too deep
Threatening to break what’s already barely holding me together
And forcing me to realize I’m the only reason I’ve travelled so far
And missed any opportunities to feel warm again
Suddenly my future is calling
Morphing me into something that’s moving me closer
To every reason I used to justify running away
Now I’m racing with no apprehensions
Trails of flame lighting what I leave behind
I’m falling forward instead of down
Following a meteor shower
And the stars seeing new hope are falling with me


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