Alphabetical Advice aka Unexpected Resolutions

So a few friends and I always do writing prompts together to keep our skills sharp and develop new ones. Just a couple days ago we did one called “Alphabetical Advice.” Basically you just write a list of advice of any kind. Each piece of advice should start with a letter of the alphabet a then b then c and so on. We decided to do every letter. It turned out to be rather self reflective as well as a good test of vocabulary. And my list struck me as rather good to look at when I’m feeling down. So in the spirit of a new year, a fresh notebook and high hopes here is my Alphabetical Advice aka

Unexpected Resolutions

Acknowledge your heartbeat, it’s a sign that you’re alive.
Breath deeply when you’re tired, it’ll wake you up.
Count backwards from 100 when you’re angry, it’ll calm you down.
Don’t let your head take over by thinking too much when you feel that something’s right in your gut.
Embrace you mistakes, they’re a part of your flaws which make you beautiful.
Forget your regrets, they will only weigh you down when you need to fly.
Give whenever you get the chance, it feels better than getting.
Hold a friend when they’re sad, or an enemy, hold ANYONE when they’re sad.
Invite everyone you meet to get close to you, don’t be afraid of intimacy.
Just remember that your soul knows a bit better than your worries so follow it.
Kiss whomever you dare too, you won’t regret being brave.
Let love in without the fears you cling to.
Make even more mistakes than you have in the past because you’ll learn from them and learning’s good.
Never, Never, NEVER regret anything, I can’t stress that point enough.
Open up to those who stay close to you, honesty is freeing.
Pick fresh flowers for your desk whenever you get the chance.
Quote your favourite authors in everyday conversations.
Rest when you know you need to, you’ll thank yourself later when you don’t burn out.
Swing on a swing set every time you walk by one, ESPECIALLY if it’s been a bad day.
Take time to be thankful and appreciate nature.
Unwrap all the secrets you’ve hidden, like I said before honesty is freeing.
Verify all your sources when doing research.
Wake up before your alarm rings, your whole day will feel better because of it.
Xerotic is a fancy way of saying your skin’s too dry, stay hydrated so you don’t have to sound precocious saying that word.
Yearning for something, daydreaming distractedly about it, is not wrong so don’t beat yourself up over it.
Zeal is the key to success, put 150% into everything that you do.


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