Hello again, here’s a story….

So before you dive in to the first bit of a story that’s emerging slowly in my notebooks, I’d like to say hi! I’m going to start posting again. I can’t promise I won’t stop again. But for the next few weeks I’m going to try to look past other stuff and post once a week, since its a new year and this seems my only viable resolution. Even though it more than likely won’t be seen through.

I probably won’t post a lot of my prose as I am very self conscious of them still. So I guarantee a lot of my new poems. I do however want to test some stories, or parts of stories anyway, on other people so I chose the first page of the only story I haven’t given up on writing at the moment. I would love any feedback fellow writers wish to give! And I hope you all enjoy.

A bad morning…

Closed eyes and light seeping through my eyelids are the first things that I’m aware of. I groan and roll over in my bed, half a dozen pillows fall to the floor as I do. I cough wincing at the pain in my chest and remember that I’m still struggling with the leftovers of a bad cold. I hate waking up on any day. But waking up sick is the epitome of this hatred.

My mouth feels like it’s filled with glue and cotton as I close it and try to swallow past the desert that formed in my throat overnight. My eyes are still closed so I sit up slowly and pry them open. I feel half groggy and high as I rub my eyes and shake my head. Dizziness hits me like an unforgiving enemy and I flop my face into a pillow for a few moments to drive it away. I stand up and my clammy feet hit the cold tile of my bedroom floor and I groan again as I scan the room for my slippers.

I can’t find them among the mess of empty tissue boxes, papers, notebooks and dirty laundry. I sigh and think for a second about cleaning up a bit. I decide to do it when I’m entirely better. I walk in a daze down the hallway to the bathroom where I shut the door and start the shower at its hottest. I don’t turn on the fan wanting as much steam as possible to soothe my dry throat and sore nose.

As the water heats up I undress, climbed in, and put my back to the hot blast of the shower head. I feel all my muscles relax and I breath in the muggy air. The fog of sleep starts to lift from my mind as I begin to think of what’s ahead of me in the day. I don’t have to go to my day job. But I should work on some writing. If I want to get anywhere with it I can’t take days off from it like I do from the rest of the world. The thought of what lies outside the front door opens a floodgate and my hands clutch to my stomach as I become aware of feeling nauseous and all my muscles tense up again. I remember what else I have to do today.


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