Little Renegade

So here is an updated version of “Little Renegade.” Initially I felt like it wasn’t finished but I posted it anyway. Today I felt like I had found the missing pieces of it. So here it is!

Insatiable Insomniac

So here is my latest. Again something a bit different. Enjoy:)

You’re tired of running little renegade
You’ve been pushed to the brink of sanity
You’re tired of crying little renegade
You’ve been prodded to the breaking point
Past everything you thought might shatter you

You’ve only known a world in constant shift
You’re a wanderer, a dreamer, a brash heart
You keep peace inside yourself on brighter days
And wale, face upturned towards dark skies on the rest

Like the rolling in of thunder clouds
And the static in the air just before a storm
I’ve watched your life little renegade
Tumultuous and jaded more than most
I’ve seen your soul unleashed little renegade
Though you think you’ve kept it reined in close
As close as lightning strikes searing it’s target to the core

You push yourself harder when you feel alone
Energy as shocking as electricity behind your…

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