Afraid To Tell You…

Alrighty. Normally I wait a fair bit of time between posts or I procrastinate and don’t get anything finished for several weeks. But two posts in two days!!! Yippee!!! I’ve been having a bit of writers block lately and everything that’s been posted has been laborious, still good, but hard to get out. This just wrote itself because I decided feeling the way I do right now is perfectly alright and writing something sappy about it is too! So without further a do…

Afraid To Tell You

You leave me seeing spots
Like the kind of blurry star scape
That you see after rubbing your eyes for too long
I’m left dumfounded
Half blinded and nauseated
From the falling and rising
Butterflies working their way up
From my stomach to my mind
Making sure they stop awhile in my throat
To help me choke on my words
I’m unable to contemplate or communicate
Let alone compensate for
My momentary lapse in mental capability
I’ve never before experienced
This type of overwhelming inability
To express my emotions
Generally I’m reserved
Even a bit introverted
But I’ve always been able
To speak my mind and
Let my inner thoughts fly free
Forming whatever I need to say
But with you I just sit here
Conversation seemingly flowing easily
But my confidence thrown back to middle school
Unable to say exactly what I want to
Tongue tied, bleary eyed
A slightly foggy mind
Thinking about your smile
All the while afraid to tell you…


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