Just a Memory of You

Alrighty, so this was a quickie edit I did on an older post… and I may come back and work on it later or I may just leave it now. I’ve been wanting to slightly re-work it for awhile and its been such a busy few weeks. I haven’t posted anything except for mindless reblogs on Tumblr and Instagram photos, so I really wanted to get a post done. I’ll call this a bit of a half-assed post since I had posted it once before. But now its new and improved!!! I had a lot of fun with this one, it was a lot happier for me to write and has more of a structured rhyme scheme. I feel like its progress:) So enjoy!

I trapped you in this story, love
So I’d never have to let you go
I trapped you in this story, love
I just wanted to let you know

You’ve left and its been so long
Since I’ve seen your smiling face
You’ve left and  its been too long
For me to stay here in this place

So I trapped you in this story, love
I trapped you to help me remember
I trapped you in this story, love
With all the beauty I could muster

You had a smile to spark the stars with
You had a laugh to out laugh the birds
You had a way of making even the
Grayest of gray days sunny

So I trapped you in this story, love
Along with your knowing eyes
I trapped your wisdom too, love
To help me when I’m lost

You used to do that for me
You used to hold my hand
You used to say “It’ll be OK”
In the only way I could understand

I trapped your joy too, love
Put it in with all the rest
I trapped it, love, because it was
The most important and the best

When I begin to wonder
What you were like just when
All I need is this story
And then you appear again

I had nothing but this, love
Not much else to remember by
So I tip-tapped away on keys
To keep you close to me

I need nothing but this love
Because all is rot, save for you
I need nothing but a memory, love
Just a memory of you


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