Needless to say I’ve been gone from the internet for a walk about with reality. Life has been more than a bit crazy lately and some issues needed to be attended to before I could manage to publish anymore of my writing on here. I’ve been voraciously working on balance in my life. It has been an arduous time spent between family, friends and work. I felt a little bit buried, but my head is above ground now and hopefully I shall be able to post weekly from this point forward.

I have a confession that I started this a more of a place to vent. However after this past holiday season, during wich I realised that I have tendency to challenge myself, I see this as yet another challenge. The questions bouncing in my head being; Am I able to share my writing with complete strangers and take praise and criticism in the same bite with a grain of salt? Can I write more often? Can I better my writing?

I’ve decided the answer to these quandaries is yes. Yes I can. And whatever the outcome, as player one in my own game, I’m ready for it. And so without any further wait here is a new piece of my work. Short and sweet. Enjoy!


There is never any good explanation for the wandering of my mind. Other than, perhaps, there is never a place in which I feel comfortable enough to stay in long. I wander because I want to. Because I need to. Forming whole worlds of my own seems to be my best ability. I leave often and come back just as much. I leave questioning and come back with wisdom not my own before. I leave wanting for much and come back satisfied. I leave somewhat lonely and come back with new company. This is necessary. This is escape. This is the troubleshooting of my soul. There is no better way to leave. No better way to solve a dilemma more efficiently than by taking a hiatus of thought.