Words that endure…

“The world’s glue is story… The story’s adhesive is magic… Everyone believes them… Story does that to us. Story tellers do that to us… If you blink, if you skim, if you do not listen carefully, if you move… you will miss it. So sit still. Read. Then read again. The magic will touch you. Touch magic, as some wiseacre once said, then pass it on. But as the world’s glue is story, some of it is bound to stick to you.” -Jane Yolen (Intro to The Books of Magic vol.1)

The best teacher I ever had taught me that words have power. They can hold a voice, with all it’s tone and resonance, long after te author has finished speaking. In words emotions and images can be immortalized. 26 letters arranged and re-arranged and punctuated can bring someone to tears, or make them laugh, leave someone full or feeling hollow. Story is how humans have connected since the dawn of time. Story is our legends and dreams, our history. Story is the closest thing we have to magic.