Crazy days…

I have those days when I feel like “doormat” is tattooed on my head. Or that “future crazy cat lady who writes a blog” is invisibly written on my shirt. Or both, or something other variation of those two things.

In any case I have my “crazy days.”

Today was one of those. A proverbial roller coaster of bein et mal. Night and day on the ferris wheel of life. Cheese and beans on toast.

It’s like everyone I know is engaed or married, in a long term relationship or having a baby, getting a real career or doing something awesome. And I’m on my couch failing at blogging with my cat next to me, while during the day I make lattes.  And I just feel like blah, blah, blitherie, blah.

And that just happens to be it.

And I say and too much.

And I don’t care.

And this is the end of the post.



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