Words that endure…

“The last refuge of the insomniac is a sense of superiority over the sleeping world.” -Leonard Cohen

There are times I just do not sleep. And lately has been just terrible in the sleep department. Ergo me posting this quote. It rings quite true in the best and worst of ways at the moment.


Crazy days…

I have those days when I feel like “doormat” is tattooed on my head. Or that “future crazy cat lady who writes a blog” is invisibly written on my shirt. Or both, or something other variation of those two things.

In any case I have my “crazy days.”

Today was one of those. A proverbial roller coaster of bein et mal. Night and day on the ferris wheel of life. Cheese and beans on toast.

It’s like everyone I know is engaed or married, in a long term relationship or having a baby, getting a real career or doing something awesome. And I’m on my couch failing at blogging with my cat next to me, while during the day I make lattes.  And I just feel like blah, blah, blitherie, blah.

And that just happens to be it.

And I say and too much.

And I don’t care.

And this is the end of the post.


So far I could not be doing any better at this…

You should know I’m sarcastic about 90-99% of the time. And yes this first line is a disclaimer.

Blogging has been going awesomely. (Yes awesomely is a word, well at least to me, have a problem with that go read something else!) I’ve gotten so much done the past few weeks. I just haven’t posted it. And none of what I got done was in written form. But blogging is still going great.:)

What I have been doing outside of my job that pays the bills:


So sorry for not posting anything new because basically I’ve been doing everything except attempting to make this blog work. Hopefully this week will be different.

And yes that is my cat.